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#288272 - “ So Sarah, do you have a boyfriend back at high school” I ask her “ Not anymore, me and my boyfriend broke up about a month ago” she explains to me “Sorry about that” I say thinking I might of overstepped my limits “Don’t be, it would have never worked between me and him, lets just say he was too much of a good boy for my taste” she tells me seductively After a little more conversation we arrive at the golf course and I pull my clubs out of the bed as we head over to the driving range. I can show you how to play some golf if you want to come with me” I say hoping she is interested “ That sounds great, lets go” she says excited I grab my golf sticks and we head downstairs and out to my truck without saying a word to each other. She lifts her head off my cock and uses her finger to scoop up the cum on her face as she then licks it off her finger.

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