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#311363 - I don’t know what was happening to my man-pussy but Jeremy liked it and told Simon he wanted to get me a cup and pump, after sometime Simon switched off the pump and removed the cup, it felt like the cup was still between my bum cheeks, Jeremy got a mirror to show me that my man-pussy was swollen and now look like a real pussy and the next minute Jeremy was behind me to slide his hard cock into my swollen man-pussy, he gripped my hips and was fucking me so hard, calling out ‘oh yes, yes, yes’, l have to admit it felt good l began begging he fuck me harder and get right inside me, he yelled ‘lm fucking cumin’ as his spunk began filling my inside l pushed myself onto his cock telling Jeremy ‘l want every drop’ and it felt like l was getting it, once he released his hold on me l fell forward but was then pulled back onto all fours by Simon who was telling me ‘here comes another load bitch’ and slid his cock all the way inside me. I had to stand with my legs apart because my balls were so

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Damn white bitches be makin me bust like that lol
Amazing hot vid