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#343455 - i then put my on her skirt zipp and started pulling the zipp down slowly after that i slowly pulled the skirt down and as i pull the skirt down i put my face at her ass and man it felt sooo nice i then took out the skirt and stood up and there i could see my moms ass and her back it was sooo sexy the men were like nice asss nice asss. Soo i followed my mom she drove to this shophouse. He opened the bottel and poured the oil all over her her front and her back and he started rubbing it all over her body john then asked her to suck his dick and my mom was there sucking it and john then went and slept on the floor and my mom went on top of him and put his cock in her vagina and she started going up and down and screaming aaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaah and i could see her breast and ass moving up and down it wasss soonice seeing my mom being fucked.

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Yuuko aioi
This girls are in love with this dick awesome
Kaori misaka
Props to him for having the will power to pullout
Aiichirou nitori
Wwwooowww love to be under her hands
Hibiki shikyoin
Tits are amazing